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Following Political Action

I’m back. I have been on hiatus since June, but I am anxious to get back communicating with you. I have a few things on my mind, so I am going to approach the subjects by numbering them.

1. When did the whistle blow? When did my generation get off the train?

I remember being on center stage at family gatherings because, after all, my siblings and cousins and I were vital parts of the running of the world! In addition to bringing a new generation into the world, we held responsible jobs that had an effect on our community, positions held in higher education, business administration, the medical and dental fields, engineering, building, real estate and the court system.

When important (and loud) discussions were held, there we were, laying the foundation for our future world. And then our children started going into the world, and they, too, contributed. We were holding and drinking the glasses of wine and singing and playing piano, drums and guitar. We were in the thick of it!

And then the whistle blew! I was reminded of it this summer when I attended my brother’s 90th birthday celebration. I suddenly noticed that my brother, sister, cousin and I were sitting together kind of in a corner while our children and their mates and their children were definitely on center stage! They were drinking the martinis, laughing, singing and discussing the matters of our world! When I did tune in, I comprehended the difference in our outlooks on the world and in particular, America! How did our time of great relevance come and go so fast?

2. I spent much of summer following the political action.

Actually, I was rather obsessed by the entire thing. I mean, let’s face it, like him or not, Donald Trump, and to a lesser degree Bernie Sanders, provided all kinds of stimulating entertainment! Hillary didn’t appear too much, so I can’t say she was very entertaining. I did find her relationship with her husband rather interesting because you never really knew what it consisted of. So that was kind of fun figuring that out! (I never did!)

I felt I learned a lot as I found myself getting on Google and researching amendments to the constitution and the constitution itself. I wanted the exact wording. I am going to continue to do that.

The day of reckoning is coming! The primaries came to an end! The American people will start casting their votes. Yes, they start, some of them way ahead of the appointed election day of November 8. I don’t like that early voting. Don’t like it at all. A million things (well, maybe not a million) could happen before the appointed day. Don’t people understand that? I guess not.

The summer went by quickly, and I notice the year doing the same thing. What will the election bring for 2017 ? We just don’t know. Will we have great changes or not? By next summer, we will certainly know. Stay cool!

Sandy Runkle is the founder and past president of The Speeding Theatre – Over 55. She is also a certified gerontologist. Sandy can be contacted at