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OMG! It’s Over

OMG! It’s over. A year and a half later – it’s over. Guess you know what I am talking about. I am talking about the great and historical campaign and election for president of the United States. Let’s face it: it was really something. It had me in its grip. We must realize here that I was not the breadwinner and mother of a large family so I had time to devote to this phenomenon! Not only was I constantly entertained, but I truly believe I learned more about our government than I did in my sophomore class of US&G (United States Government and History) Yes, I learned about the electoral college, more in depth this time around. I learned about the duties and responsibilities of members of the House and Senate and the various committees. I learned that each and everything you did in life comes back to haunt you when you are in public office. I learned a lot about the voting process and how it differs from state to state. I learned about the importance of primary elections and the importance (or not) of the political conventions. I knew all these things, but they were on the periphery of my consciousness. This year they penetrated deep into my brain! Wow! Did they ever!

I learned the media tries to brainwash us into thinking what some would want us to think. I don’t really know if it is the media or the “establishment”, but reporting on different channels and in different newspapers sometimes looked like black and white. Polls? They appear to be completely irrelevant! They are just all wrong, whether the result of accident or purpose, I don’t know, but I do have my suspicions.

Our country is divided half and half. My family is divided. My bridge table is divided. My friends are divided. Half want open borders: the other half does not. Half want Obamacare: the other half does not. Half want to respect and preserve life: the other half does not. Some want to say Merry Christmas: the other half does not. Some want to build our military: some don’t want to spend the money. Some want to get along with Russia: the other half does not. Some want to spend on climate change: the other half does not. Some want law and order, including stop and frisk: the other half does not. On and on we go! I can’t even think of all the differences we have. This election was close in the final tally but definitely not in the values it cherishes. We are totally divided. How could this have happened when we all live in the same country? Will we ever come together? My wish and my prayer is that we do.

When all is said and done, it appears to me that the working man elected a billionaire because somehow he managed to relate to them and not to the special interests, the “Washington D.C. elite”. Donald Trump understood that blue collar America was left out of the picture for a long time as they waved good-by to the jobs that once gave their families a decent living.

Donald J. Trump is now our president-elect. He will be sworn in to start leading our country on January 20, 2017. As I write this article he is gathering the best of men and women in our society to assist him in that indomitable task as he names them to participate in his Cabinet and our government. May we all, Democrat, Republican and Independent, wish him Godspeed. May he be the leader who takes our great country to greater heights, health, happiness and economic freedom.

Sandy is a certified gerontologist and past president and founder of The Speeding Theatre – Over 55.